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The StockDoctor is a pole-type syringe of durable and simple construction.  Using the StockDoctor is easy.  Simply push the needle end into the animal.  The device releases the full dose of the medication gently as the animal moves away.  When the animal gets past 25 feet, the syringe is pulled free by a retractable tether line and is retrieved.  See the StockDoctor in action!  Read more about the StockDoctor in the StockDoctor Owner’s Manual.

StockDoctor – Stress-free Range Doctoring

Less stress on animals

  • No more head gates!
  • No more chutes!
  • No more restraining the animals!


  • Stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Space-age high-strength plastics


  • StockDoctor has been tested and proven in labs and under variable ranch conditions.

Easy to use

  • StockDoctor is light and has a longer reach than other cattle injection equipment.
  • StockDoctor injects larger doses –only one injection is needed instead of two!
  • StockDoctor can be used onsite, on the range.
  • Using the StockDoctor, one person can safely administer animal injections.

StockDoctor – Designed for Cattle Producers by a Cattle Producer

  • StockDoctor can inject from 1 to 30 cc of any suitable liquid.
  • The patented tether system allows the syringe to inject in a slower, controlled manner reducing both tissue damage and leakage at the injection site.
  • The self-triggering syringe stays with the animal allowing for a slow, gentle release of fluid.
  • StockDoctor can be used on foot, on horseback, from vehicles or ATVs.
  • The self-retracting tether line allows for easy retrieval of syringe from horseback, ATV or on foot.
  • StockDoctor can be used on any livestock from calves to bulls.
  • StockDoctor can be hot or cold sterilized.