June 2023

5 Stars*****
Have a hobby farm – 80 Acers in the county of St. Paul, Alberta Canada.
Run some steer grassers from mid-April to late September.
In the past, having to treat livestock was not set up with the proper catch facilities.
My friend let me borrow their “Stock Doctor” – AMAZING – to treat livestock in the field. I’m Sold! – I emailed and order one, as unable to purchase it in the local farm store = out of stock. (Aug 2021) – Edna had this sent to me immediately!!! Thank You.
Last week (June 2023) had to treat for Hoof Rot – lost the plunger – contacted Vander Built Systems
and they sent me a replacement in 2 Days 🙂
I highly recommend this tool to all cattle producers.
The company has exceptional customer service!