Marianne Ferriss, Manning, AB

We have run 100 cow/calf operation for 30 years and use the Stockdoctor when cows are out on pasture. We also ran 600 yearlings on pasture for 5 years. The Stockdoctor is a very useful tool to use out on the range for cattle with hoof rot or pneumonia. Cattle can be a long distance from the handling system and when they are sick its too far and too stressful to move the animal. In such situations we rely on the Stockdoctor. We actually have 2 stockdoctor tools. We can preload the right dose, and have it divided to be delivered in two sites. As you know cows can get cranky and usually run off after treated. We’ve had good success with two people approaching and using the 2 Stockdoctor tools. The Stockdoctor is very light weight, easy to carry and handle. You need to get a good straight on hit and the needle will stay in the animal to deliver the dose. The cuff pulls the needle out as the animal moves away. The only problem I encountered was the syringe flying out of the cuff and would sometimes be hard to find in the grass so I have tied a streamer of flagging tape to the syringe barrel which does not interfere with the function of the tool. The syringe all unscrews for easy cleaning. I like that there is a lot of thread on the screws so the needle is very secure. The plunger can at first be a little tricky to engage, but be calm and follow the instructions in the instruction book. We have even used the Stockdoctor on animals in the corral that are too ornery to move into the handling system. For twenty years the Stockdoctor has been a stress reducer for treating animals. Treatment results have also been successful, and I will continue to use the Stockdoctor tool. Also replacement parts are available at, they have a very detailed website and response time is great.

December 2019