Willis Murray, Meaford Ontario

Earlier this week, I needed to medicate a 900 lb steer in an open pasture and was able to borrow a StockDoctor medication system from a neighbour.  This system was very effective in treating the unrestrained animal, without overly exciting the steer and the rest of the herd wasn’t even aware of what was happening.  The design was very effective in providing an adequate space margin to avoid being kicked during injection and the tether length was adequate to allow full delivery of the 30 ml medication while the startled steer ran away.

Prior to the treatment, I needed to adjust the pole device, so I called VanderBuilt Systems, as I did not have the user’s manual.  The service and assistance provided by Edna was outstanding!  She went “the extra mile” in trying to help!

I would highly recommend the consideration of the StockDoctor Medicating System for the delivery of required medicine to pasturing cattle.

September 10, 2011