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A Better Inoculator

A revolutionary new style of range doctoring has been invented that allows livestock producers to inject from 1 to 30 cc of medication into their animals from horseback, vehicle, or, more traditionally, from on foot. This new medicating system allows injection from a safe distance while maintaining control of the syringe up to 25 feet away.

A pole-type syringe of durable and simple construction,this device releases the full dose of the medication gently as the animal moves away. When the animal gets about 25 feet away the syringe is pulled free by a retractable tether line and is retrieved.

The StockDoctor II™ meets all animal health codes, safety criteria and certification requirements.

Unique Features

Routine inoculation of livestock normally is done while the animals are restrained in a chute so that the appropriate fluids can be injected safely and at a controlled rate without damage to animal tissue or danger to the cattleman. When cattle are loose on the range and disease or injury occur, it can be costly and often difficult to isolate and transport the afflicted animal to a location where the medication can be administered. In addition, a producer often works alone without the benefit of an assistant.  What he or she needs is a safe, on-site, one-person method of doctoring. This is where a StockDoctor II™ can prove to be indispensable.

The new hypodermic injector consists of a 5 foot long air craft grade aluminum tube fitted with a comfortable foam hand grip. A specially designed hypodermic syringe made from aluminum and space-age high strength plastics is held onto the other end by a collar-like fitting. The collar is connected to a retractable tether about 20 feet long made from fine 400 pound test nylon cord. This is wound to a pulley system connected by a special spring, all of which are stored within the handle tube.

The needle is one of the features that makes this device unique. Made of special heavy wall stainless steel tubing with a tiny beveled ring on the shaft, the needle is retained in the flesh long enough for the full dose to be administered. To use the injector, one pulls back and locks the plunger, measures the amount of fluid into the syringe, puts the collar in place, and then makes contact with the animal. From here the equipment reacts quite differently from other products on the market. As the animal moves away, it runs off with the tethered syringe still in place. Usually upon impact, an animal runs a few feet then stops and looks back. Meanwhile, the injection continues slowly and steadily while the tether allows the animal to move away up to 25 feet. This allows plenty of time for even 30 cc of serum to be injected. The lower pressure and rate of injection prevent tissue damage and leakage. When the animal gets to the end of the tether, the emptied syringe pulls out.

The StockDoctor II™ stands out from its competitors in that it can deliver as much as 30 cc in one dose as compared to the conventional 12 cc, and that it gives a slow, gentle release of medication as compared to the quick one-half second release. These features make it a one-shot operation. There is obviously much less stress on both the animals and the producers.

Since the StockDoctor II™ has been tested and proven to be an easier, more effective method of range doctoring, producers are more likely to medicate where need is indicated.


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More helpful information can be obtained by going through the free Owners Manual (PDF).